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Frequently Asked Questions

Many investors come to us with questions about our firm and how we are different from their current advisor.

Question: Do you charge commissions or are you a fee-based adviser?

Answer: The majority of the work we do for clients is on a fee-only basis, using a combination of no-load mutual funds, ETFs, stocks and bonds, charging no commissions. However, some clients prefer to work with us on a transactional or commission basis. We review your options and we help you decide what’s best for you.

Question: How is Behnken Financial Services different from other investment advisors?

Answer: Many investment advisors are dedicated to one specific investment style, often investing in a fixed allocation, thereby riding the market up in the good years and riding it down in the bad years. We take a different approach. Our clients have over 20 different investment portfolios to choose from. Some of our investment portfolios use trailing stop losses in an attempt to “stop the loss” during major market declines. We don’t just tell you to hold on and ride it out.

Question: What is your firm’s performance history?

Answer: Overall, our firm has a performance history we are proud of. Please contact us at (937) 833-4043 and we will be happy to discuss those investment strategies most relevant to your personal objectives.