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Investment Portfolios

We currently offer over 20 different investment portfolios ranging in risk from conservative to aggressive. 

Balanced Model

This is our most popular program. Using stop loss methodology, we actively allocate assets to domestic equity, international equity and bonds based on relative strength and market conditions. This model can be fully invested, partially invested or 100% in money market at any given time. Our balanced model cannot take short positions.

Assertive Model

This model will invest in up to eight sector funds at any given time. Our assertive model can go short the market and can use leveraged funds. We allocate to high relative strength funds each month and use stop loss methodology. This model is for clients who can tolerate more risk.

Bond Rotation Model

This program uses relative strength rankings to position a client's assets into bond funds.  Assets will be invested each month into up to three bond funds with high relative strength.  The model can be up to 100% invested in money market an any given time.