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What We Do

Wealth Management – Wealth Management is a higher-level of professional service that combines financial and investment advice, retirement planning and estate planning. Your wealth plan should be based on your life and goals. Behnken Financial Services' talented and dedicated team are focused on our clients individualized criteria. 

Investments – Interested in investing but not sure where to begin? We want to help you discover how investing can best work with your financial goals and give you the tools to reach them! 

Research – Our qualified and experienced advisors will work closely with you to explore your investment options. We will also provide you with the resources and tools to gain a well-rounded view of the opportunities you have. 

Investment Management – Each of our clients works closely with their own investment professional. At BFS we serve our clients with a customized approach. We offer brand portfolio diversification to help manage risk and pursue growth.

Sustainable Investing – An increasing number of fund managers are now overlaying their investment strategies with environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis asset management. Firms are finding ways to cater to all kinds of impact investing demands, innovation continues in the global capital markets to provide new sustainable investment products. 

Investment Advice – How this applies to you, and how we implement and monitor your plan. 

Estate Planning – In its simplistic form, estate planning means: leaving your assets to whom you wish, with as little cost, time delays and complications as is reasonably possible.  

Life Insurance and Annuities – Do you need life insurance? If so, how much and what kind?  How do annuities work, and do they offer value to your plan?

Social Security - Making your Social Security benefits work for you is a struggle for many Americans, especially for those whom are largely dependent on Social Security for a monthly income. Questions such as how and when to begin drawing your benefits are common. Let us answer those questions for you.